‘It was like being on the receiving end’: Neighbours speak out on cleaning operation for lawn leaf sweepers

‘It was like being on the receiving end’: Neighbours speak out on cleaning operation for lawn leaf sweepers

A lawn leaf cutter is expected to start work on a new operation this week to clean up the street, after a council worker was left with serious injuries after she was hit by a car while she was clearing out the street.

The operation is being run by the Northumbria Police Service (NSPS), which is using a truck to carry out the sweeping, said NSPS spokeswoman Cpl.

Julie Hines.

The officer was standing in the street when a vehicle drove past her, she said.

The driver of the car, who was not injured, ran off.

The accident happened at about 4.30pm on Saturday at Easton Road in Northumberland, in the east of the borough.

The woman’s neighbour said she saw a man with a black van go past the officer, hit her and then run away.

“I saw him on the street at about four o’clock this morning, and when I saw him run away, I got the hell out of there,” said the neighbour, who asked to remain anonymous.

“It was just like being in a big street on the edge of a field, so you had to be quick, and he just didn’t have time.”

The neighbour said the driver was stopped at the side of the road, and she could hear a loud bang.

“He was trying to get away from me, and then he just hit me on the side and drove off,” she said of the woman’s injuries.

“There was a big red stripe down the front of his shirt and his pants.”

The woman was taken to hospital and treated for serious injuries.

The man was not hurt.

The Northumbrian council is currently investigating the incident.

The police service is investigating the matter.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the NSPs emergency hotline on 0800 555 111 or the local Crimestoppers.

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