Baby: ‘I was really scared’ after her baby leaves its mother

Baby: ‘I was really scared’ after her baby leaves its mother

NEWCASTLE, England –  A NEWCASTLEDGE, England, mum has shared how she managed to get a baby out of her mother’s womb while her husband was at work.

Sue is the mother of five-year-old Ava.

She was having her second baby with her husband, who had left his job to go to work for his employer, a multinational pharmaceutical company, and was not expecting to have another child.

But she was told to keep the baby with the mum and the baby was born in her arms.

The baby had a normal vaginal birth but Ava suffered a serious case of amniocentesis.

The amniocentric pregnancy test revealed that Ava had a cyst in her uterus.

Her mother and Ava’s father were sent to hospital.

But Sue decided to go for a more thorough scan.

The result showed a cystic growth of the lining of the womb.

Sue told ITV News: “I went to my GP and they said, ‘You’re just lucky, it’s not a cysts and it’s just a normal pregnancy.'”

Ava is now seven months old and we have a normal life, she said.

“I’m not worried about the baby, we’re just doing our best to make sure it’s OK.”

Ava was placed into the care of the family, and her mother has taken the opportunity to attend the births of other children she’s had and her own.

The mother-of-five said she is now trying to stay calm as she prepares for the birth of her third child.

“When I see Ava it’s like a miracle,” she said of the baby’s arrival.

“It’s so sweet to be back and seeing her and her little brother.”

Avra has been given a new name and her new mum is still grieving over what happened.

Ava’s mum, who is also a nurse, said she had hoped Ava would grow up with the help of a specialised womb specialist, but she had never seen Ava before.

She said: “We’re all in shock and it really is a miracle.”

We’re just praying for her and I know she’s going to be OK.

“She added: “She’s a very strong, independent little girl and she loves playing with the other babies, she’s very loving.

“Sue said she’s been trying to keep her busy and that her baby is the perfect size for her two young children.

She added that the birth has helped her cope with the loss of her two children, and is hopeful that Avra will have a happy future.

Ava is now staying with her mum while the rest of her family is taking a break.

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