What’s the most frustrating thing about playing the deck?

What’s the most frustrating thing about playing the deck?

In the wake of the new set, the best answer to “what’s the best thing about this deck” is, well, “you don’t really know.”

I’ve been playing this deck since it was a few weeks old, and it’s gotten progressively better and better.

In fact, I feel like it’s one of the most consistent and powerful decks in the game.

It’s built around the same core mechanic as the deck I used to play, which is basically being able to play two creatures and win the game with one swing of the mana ramp.

This is not a bad thing.

In the first two turns, you have a ton of threats to deal with, so it’s important to keep your mana flowing.

Your mana is important in this deck.

And, when you hit the late game, you’ve got the same options you have in a lot of other decks.

In a way, it’s almost a “walk behind sweeping edge” enchantment deck.

This means that your opponent has to spend their turns dealing with your creatures, so you can spend them dealing with theirs.

That’s a lot harder to do with a sweeper enchantment, so the deck’s consistency is built around being able at the very least to cast a lot.

The second reason why I love this deck is the amount of control you have.

The maindeck sweeper can do something like, turn a 4/4 into a 6/6 with the mana to do so, but it can also kill a 6 for a 2.

This can be a game-ending blowout if you want, but you have the options to make it more likely.

In addition to dealing with creatures, this card also helps you to control the board.

A 3/3 for 2 is a powerful card, but with enough board control, it can even win the board for you.

In my first few games of the deck, I’ve had some games where I have to play around the 1/1s and 4/3s, because my opponent just can’t keep up with my curve.

If I play around it and get the right answers in, the deck can make it much more likely that I get a board advantage.

This allows me to make sure that my curve is always right and I can just swing for the win.

This deck has some other cool synergies as well.

For example, it does a lot for a creature, so if you have access to the sweepers, you can play them to clear out any threats that you have and help you get rid of a few.

If you have no sweepers and don’t want to play the sweeper enchantments, you get to use those sweepers to make more sweepers for yourself.

That last one is something that’s really cool to play in this build.

If your opponent plays a big sweeper and doesn’t have the answers to it, you’re likely going to be able to make a ton more sweeper-toting creatures to help you win the next game.

This helps make sure you have some board control and keeps the game relatively short.

It can be really powerful.

So, this is just the beginning of my deck-building experience with this deck and what it can do.

I’ll definitely be playing it more in the future, and I think that’s great.

It has a ton to offer, and that’s something that I really enjoy.

Let me know if you guys think I’m being too strict.

I think there are tons of things about this build that I haven’t covered, so I’m open to suggestions!

What do you think?

Let me hear from you in the comments!

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