What it takes to win the Stanley Cup, and what it’s like for the defending champion team to make it to the finals

What it takes to win the Stanley Cup, and what it’s like for the defending champion team to make it to the finals

We’ve talked about this before, but we’re not talking about the Stanley War, are we?

You know, for all of the time and effort that’s gone into the building of the Stanley cup, the actual tournament itself has never really mattered.

This is not the Stanley tournament.

This tournament is just another team playing in the same tournament for a little while, and maybe a few minutes, and then it’s over.

You’re not going to win it.

This one, though, is going to be special.

We’ve been told this for a while.

In fact, it’s been this way since the beginning of the season.

That is, until now.

That’s right, we’re now entering a new era of the NHL’s most anticipated playoff series.

The Boston Bruins are one of the top teams in the league, and they are a franchise that’s never won a Stanley Cup.

But there’s one thing that’s keeping them from making it to Game 7 of the conference finals: They have no clue how to beat the Boston Bruins.

That being said, it seems like the team’s defense, which has been a huge problem throughout the season, could be a big part of the team not winning this series.

And that’s a huge concern for the Bruins, who are facing their toughest test yet when facing a team that has played the Bruins for a total of five years.

For those of you who haven’t seen the Bruins yet, they’re the current Atlantic Division champs, and after losing the first two games of the series to the Philadelphia Flyers last week, they were left in a two-game hole.

The Bruins are coming off of a 7-3 victory over the New Jersey Devils in the Eastern Conference finals, and have the chance to put up a great fight against the Philadelphia team that just beat them in the first round.

The biggest problem facing Boston has been the defense, and it’s a massive issue.

Boston has a number of players that could easily be one of NHL’s best defensive teams.

Boston also has a very talented and dangerous offense that is capable of generating big chances for the team.

This team is a team in transition.

They’ve never been in a position to be a contender in the conference, but they have a number that are capable of contributing in key situations, and the Bruins have been able to make up for it.

Boston is currently on pace to score a whopping 31 goals this season, and while it may seem like the offense is the biggest problem that’s kept them from reaching the Stanley Finals, the team has the biggest issue.

They have a lot of questions.

Here are a few of the biggest ones to ask.

How did Boston’s offense get this far in the playoffs?

What can they do to change the way they’re playing?

How does their offense look like when it’s playing on a consistent basis?

What has Boston’s defense been able a couple of weeks in a row to do to get the better of them?

How can Boston improve their defense?

We’ll be back with the team tomorrow night for a full preview of the Bruins’ upcoming game against the New York Rangers.

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