What’s it like to have your carpet swept?

What’s it like to have your carpet swept?

The owner of a Sydney house who was swept in the backyard in November has launched an online campaign calling on the NSW Government to clean up its streets.

The “shark carpet sweep” was reported to the NSW Police Service (NSWSP) on November 13, the same day NSW Ambulance Service was called to the house at 12:25am.

The police officer reported that “a number of dogs had been found living in the basement” and that there was “a large amount of blood” on the carpet.

But the Sydney-based carpet cleaner, who wished to remain anonymous, said that while there was a “number of dead animals” in the room and a “small amount” of blood on the floorboards, the “pest control unit had removed the carpet”.

“This was after a carpet cleaner had cleaned the floor and removed a large amount and a large number of dead dogs,” he said.

“It was the largest carpet cleaning operation in the history of the city.”

We’re not the first or the last to have carpet cleaners do this, we’ve done carpet cleaners cleaning in the past and it’s a real concern for us.

“The NSW Police said that “there is no evidence of any crime or risk to the public”.

It added that “as the carpet cleaner is a NSW Police employee and not an employee of the NSW Ambular Service, he cannot be held liable for any actions taken by an employee”.”

In a nutshell, NSW Police is taking appropriate action to ensure the safety of residents and visitors to the home,” it said.

The NSW Ambulatory Service said it was aware of the report and was “monitoring” the matter.

It said the carpet cleaners had been working for the carpet cleaning service since April, and that “while it is a common occurrence, there is no reason to suspect that the carpet was deliberately removed or that the incident was in any way caused by the carpet.”

The carpet cleaners have also been told to stop “any and all” cleaning activities until the matter is resolved.”

I just think it’s absolutely disgusting that this carpet cleaning is being carried out.””

They’re also not entitled, under the laws, to say that this was the first time this has happened to them.”

“I just think it’s absolutely disgusting that this carpet cleaning is being carried out.”

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