What are American chimney sweeping soccer players calling each other when they’re out in the sun?

What are American chimney sweeping soccer players calling each other when they’re out in the sun?

When you’re in the heat of the moment and you want to get to know a new friend, the American soccer players that you play with may not be the best at it.

You might be the one with the more sophisticated understanding of your teammates’ tendencies and habits.

You may be the player that gets the ball first in the match, or you might just be the guy who just has it all.

But what if that first ball isn’t coming your way?

What if the teammate is trying to get you to play a ball that is obviously going to score, but instead of taking it, they’re taking the time to get themselves a shot?

What if the other team is having a bad day and you’re just trying to find someone to help out?

That’s what happened to the young American soccer player known as Chino.

Chino’s name may have come from his favorite sport, basketball, but the young player has a very special way of talking about his love for soccer.

“I was like, ‘I can’t believe they’re doing this soccer thing,'” Chino told VICE Sports.

“It’s weird to me.

I’m a big fan of basketball, so it’s cool.

But I don’t have a lot of experience.

I never watched soccer in school, so I just saw it online and I saw it on TV and then I thought, ‘Well, I gotta see this.'”

Chino was inspired to join the sport when his older brother was a young boy who grew up watching a lot more soccer than he did.

After seeing that the game is similar to basketball in that you get a basket, you’re supposed to score or pass, then you’re on your way to the basket, Chino thought he would take advantage of that.

He wanted to be a baller, and so he started playing the game.

“He got really good,” Chino said.

“He got a lot better, so he got into the league.”

So how does it work?

What are the rules?

What happens when a player scores and the ball comes to you?

How do you score?

How much does it cost?

What’s the difference between a ball and a shot, and how do you get the ball in the right place?

These are all questions that Chino’s brother, Antonio, was able to answer in a recent video.

When he went to the local sports store, he bought his first soccer ball for $1.

He went to Target to buy a soccer ball and was amazed at how much they were charging for it.

Chino, who is not a soccer fan, thought he could just use the money to buy more soccer balls and get better at the game, but Antonio, who plays for a nearby soccer team, thought differently.

He called his parents to make sure they understood what he was buying.

His parents, who were also sports fans, said that they were very excited about the idea of getting a soccer game for their son.

When Chino was a little boy, his father played soccer with him.

He told him he wanted to play soccer, and he was excited to get the opportunity.

So he went and bought him a soccerball for $5.

His father told him it was going to cost him $10, and that he should just pay the price.

That’s when Chino realized that he had to pay it.

He didn’t know how, so Antonio and his mom drove to a local soccer store.

“They took out my money and gave me my money back,” Chini said.

The next day, Chini told Antonio that he didn’t have enough money.

Antonio said that was fine, but he wanted Chino to get a ball.

Antonio wanted to know what happened.

He came back to the store and was shocked to see that the store was charging $1 for a soccer.

He was very confused.

“We didn’t even know what soccer was,” he said.

The store manager was shocked.

“Why would you charge $1?”

Chino asked.

“What is this?

This is crazy,” he told him.

Chinos parents said that it was just a routine transaction, and they didn’t understand why the store would charge him $1 when they could have bought him an extra soccer ball.

When Chino arrived home, he told his parents that he thought they had misread the transaction.

Antonio told Chino that they had misunderstood, and it was all just a mistake.

Antonio was so upset, he called his mom to tell her what had happened.

“My mom came home and said, ‘It was just an accident,'” Chini recounted.

“She said, “What the hell happened?

You didn’t think you could do it.

“Chino, however, didn’t give up.

He said he went online to find the store where the ball was

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