Watch: The ‘Supermarket Sweep’ Audition Video – Video from a 2016 Supermarket Sweep video

Watch: The ‘Supermarket Sweep’ Audition Video – Video from a 2016 Supermarket Sweep video

After being rejected from the Supermarket Sweeper audition, actor/comedian Stephen Whittle used his comedy chops to get his shot in the video game industry.

The video above shows the hilarious actor/musician getting his Supermarket sweep job.

While most companies have their own video games, there are still plenty of ones that hire talent in order to test out new ideas and ideas that could work.

Whittle said that it was an interesting experience to see how video games work and the way they are being used in the entertainment industry.

Whittle told Vice News that the Supermillers job was something that he thought he would never get.

It was a great audition, he said, but after doing it, he felt like he had a bit of a problem.

“I felt like I had to be really brave.

I just felt like, ‘This is something I would never do,'” Whittle explained.

“I felt a bit out of place.”

Whittle said he felt the need to audition because he had never been an actor before, but that wasnt the reason he chose to audition.

He said that he liked the idea of playing a video game character and that it seemed fun to work with.

Whither it was that he had the idea to be the Supermallers assistant that the game was supposed to call on, Whittle admitted, but it wasnt what he was looking for.

“There’s something about that that’s interesting to me and I don’t want to leave that for anyone else to pick up,” Whittle told VICE News.

“It’s not a good idea.

But it’s not what I’m looking for.”

The Supermalls SupermarketSweep video has been viewed over 7.6 million times on YouTube and has more than 6.3 million views on Imgur.

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