When the chimney sweeps: The story of a shopkeeper’s life in a city with its own chimneys

When the chimney sweeps: The story of a shopkeeper’s life in a city with its own chimneys

The story told by Shlomo Dovid Goldberg, a former owner of a street sweeping log business in a quiet suburb of Tel Aviv, was not typical of a typical Israeli home.

But the family’s story has made the Israeli capital the subject of an online documentary, as it has in many countries around the world.

Goldberg’s shop was shuttered in May 2008, when he was 60 years old, but he managed to save it from closure by taking on a new business venture.

He wanted to keep his old business alive by selling wood chisels and other woodworking tools to customers in the nearby Israeli city of Beersheba.

When he arrived in Tel Aviv in January 2010, Goldberg was in good shape, according to his son, Daniel Goldberg.

He had a good job, a good health plan, and he had enough money to buy the land for his new shop, Goldberg said.

“He was very happy and satisfied,” he said.

In the years since, Goldberg has gone through several business transformations.

In May 2016, he started a new operation called the shop that was to be a second store.

He opened the shop in the middle of a busy busy commercial street.

The shop is now open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But Goldberg said he has seen many customers turn down the business in recent years because of the noise of the chimneys.

In one of his shop’s many photographs, he has a group of men standing near the chimnels, holding signs that read “Don’t walk into the chimnell!” and “Carry your own firewood!”

He told the Jerusalem Post that he has never seen a customer who wanted to buy his chiseled tools.

He has been a hard worker, Goldberg added, but people were still going to the shops for their chiseling tools.

“I don’t have any business,” Goldberg said, adding that the noise from the chimny is not good for the health of the surrounding environment.

“The chimneys are really big, and they’re noisy.”

A shop owner’s homeIn the last two years, Goldberg’s business has seen its business dwindle.

He is now working on building a new shop and hopes to reopen in a few years.

“There’s no way to sell chisel tools on the street anymore, and it’s not even possible to make the chimns anymore, but we’ll have to build one,” he told the paper.

“You don’t build your shop when you’re only 50 years old.”

In the meantime, Goldberg is working on a plan to sell wood chisel tools to his neighbours, he told Israel’s Army Radio.

In Beersheet, the Israeli city in the southern part of the country, a similar story is also playing out.

In 2010, the city’s city council decided to make it illegal to sell or rent chiselled tools to residents.

It also banned the sale of chiselt tools to the public.

As a result, Goldberg and his family were forced to relocate.

The Beersheta neighbourhood is home to a large population of Arabs, Jews and Muslims.

Some residents have been moving to nearby settlements, while others have opted to stay put, said Daniel Goldberg, the father of Shlomos shop.

But for Goldberg, moving out of Beesheta has been bittersweet.

“It’s not nice to have a home here, to have the whole neighborhood,” he added.

“But I don’t want to go back to Beershta.

I just want to live in Tel Abyad.”

He said that it is not easy to find a place to live where one can walk to the chimnys, or to the store.

“If you want to be quiet, you have to go to the park,” Goldberg added.

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