How to use a broom to sweep floors

How to use a broom to sweep floors

I’ve been looking at floor sweeping tools for a while, and finally got around to making my own.

I’ve always loved to use my hands for this kind of work, but I wanted to see if I could find a cleaner to use.

I ended up using a small electric broom, which had the added bonus of being cheap, lightweight, and very easy to clean.

If you want to learn more about how to make your own cleaner, check out my video series on how to use your electric broom to clean your house.

What you’ll need to do to make a broom: Electric broom 1 1/4″ diameter (about 1.5cm) plastic pipe (3/4 inch diameter) 1/2″ wide nylon pipe (about 2cm) 1″ long piece of cord (about 5cm) (optional) 2 or more disposable gloves, preferably wool or polyester.

You can use these gloves to cover the ends of the cord, which are also the tip of the broom.

You’ll need: Wooden broomstick (you’ll need it for cleaning), plastic pipe 1/8″ (about 3mm) diameter (a 1/16″ long, 4mm wide) or a 1/3″ diameter tube.

To start, clean up the wooden broomstick.

Place it in the bowl, and gently squeeze out the bristles with the wooden end.

You’ll probably want to scrape the bristly end with a wooden spoon to remove any dirt.

Repeat this process until the broomstick is clean.

Use a cloth or towel to wipe off the excess dirt.

Cleaning the plastic pipe: Cut a piece of plastic pipe about 3/4-inch long, and make sure you make the ends about 3″ long.

Use the wire to hold it in place, and pull the pipe towards you.

Cut a small strip about 1/6-inch wide, and tape it to the end of the wooden pipe.

Tape the strip to the plastic strip so it’s flush with the edge of the pipe.

Wrap the tape around the pipe and tape over the end.

Wrap another piece of tape around both ends.

Cut another piece about 3-1/2-inches long, tape it around the edge and tape the end over.

Wrap a piece around the top of the plastic piece and tape to the pipe, and secure the ends. 

Using a cloth towel, remove the plastic end from the wooden and tape ends to clean up.

Now, make the plastic sheet about 2″ wide.

Cut the piece that is about 3 inches long and about 3.5-inches wide.

Tape it to either side of the wood and tape.

Tape one end to the tip, and the other to the inside edge of your plastic sheet.

Wrap it around your plastic piece to seal it.

Wrap about a third of the length of plastic sheet around the wood end.

Tape this to the wood, and then wrap the other end around the tip and wrap around the other side of your sheet.

Tie it down to make sure it’s secured.

Clean up the nylon pipe with your hand, and let the brush dry for about 15 minutes.

If you have a broomstick, you can also use it to brush up on the basics of floor cleaning.

Start by brushing up the sides of your carpet, then the bottom of the carpet, and finish by cleaning up the bottom, bottom-right corner, and floor. 

I usually do a full sweep, then use my brush to clean the sides again, and repeat.

I’ve found that a good quality brush is about $15, and can be used to brush every surface. 

To clean the bottom-left corner of the room, I spray the carpet with white vinegar, then brush up the carpet to clean and then dry the dust.

The carpet will start to smell a bit after that, so I don’t need to spray any more.

When the dust is dried, I just spray again with white spray.

As for the bottom left corner, I leave the brush there for about a minute to let the dust settle.

This is where I start to see the potential of a broom.

I don-t need to get really specific here, but the bottom corners of rooms should be brushed and cleaned.

For the bottom right corner, just spray the bottom with white, and it should dry completely.

Once I’ve brushed the area, I’ll spray a bit more to give it a little bit of a scrub.

Lastly, I apply the black cloth to the dust area and spray the area with white.

This will dry up the dust, and remove any residue.

That’s it.

It really does take practice to get the right amount of pressure on the bristled end of your brush, and you don’t want to blow any dust on your brush too soon

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