Electric sweeper with 1,600 volts can ‘beat a truck’

Electric sweeper with 1,600 volts can ‘beat a truck’

The electric sweeter is a must-have in any home, but a new patent application from a California startup may give it the edge.

The electric sweener uses one of the most popular and common elements of any home automation system: a laptop.

The device is called a smart TV.

But the company behind the patent claims the smart TV could also be used as a wireless power source, the type of thing you would find on a portable charging station.

The idea is to have the smart television act as a “smart thermostat,” where it would know when it was turned on and automatically turn it off to conserve power.

This way, if the house gets too hot, the TV would automatically turn itself off.

If you are a homeowner, you could also have your home computer connected to the smart thermostatic, and the smart appliance would turn itself on and off automatically.

This is not a new idea.

For example, in 2015, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent for an electric vacuum cleaner that could turn itself and turn off if the temperature inside it got too high.

The patent was later dropped from the US patent office.

But the new patent, which was filed in January 2017, is much more ambitious.

It uses a power supply from an electric vehicle to power the smartTV.

That’s why the patent states that the smart tv could be connected to a power-hungry PC or laptop that would then use the energy from the smart TVs power source to run its own functions.

For example, the patent describes how the smarttv could automatically turn on when the smart home doorbell rang and automatically shut off when the television was turned off.

In this scenario, the smarthome could be a “power-hungy PC” that would power its own functionality like an LED light or thermostatically controlled lights.

If the smart media was plugged into a power source and connected to an AC outlet, the power could be supplied directly to the TV or to a wall outlet.

This would then supply a “full load” of power to the power-consuming power-source like the smart refrigerator.

If your home has a smart therto-sink that can connect to your internet connection, the home could also use the smart device as a power generator.

This could also power your lights, appliances and more.

And because this patent covers a device that uses a computer or a computer-powered appliance, the inventor says this would also be a smart energy-saving appliance.

The company claims that it would have the ability to connect the smart-tv to an electric car charging station or a solar-powered power generator that uses the power from a solar panel.

But that would not solve the problem of power usage.

If this patent was approved, the technology would likely only work with smart devices.

The company has not yet filed a patent application for a wireless smart TV, and it’s not clear whether that is even possible.

But it does make a lot of sense to have smart media and appliances that can communicate with each other.

The patent application suggests that the product could be used with smart home devices like the Philips Hue light bulbs, Nest thermostats and thermostators.

It also suggests that it could be integrated into the smartwall to help with “smart-home” features like controlling thermostatics, controlling lights and controlling lights that turn off or on.

It is also not clear how many times this technology would be used, but it’s hard to imagine a home without smart media that uses smart TV and appliances.

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