What’s your carpet sweep? Amazon has the answer to the best home cleaning products

What’s your carpet sweep? Amazon has the answer to the best home cleaning products

Amazon has announced a new home cleaning product line, the new Sweep Easy broom, which is designed to clean and wash your home with the same amount of force as a broom, according to the Associated Press.

It is priced at $69.99, which makes it cheaper than a broom and more affordable than many of the other cleaning products available.

The company has a long history of investing heavily in home cleaning technology, but the company is also known for its other cleaning product lines.

Sweep Clean is Amazon’s second major home cleaning line, following the $69-per-hour broom.

It was founded in 2005 by a group of home owners who wanted to get rid of dirty carpets in their homes, and the first product in the line is called the Sleek, which sells for $99.

The line has expanded to include a few other cleaning items, including a $29.99 brush and a $9.99 “carnivorous scrubber.”

But it’s not clear what the other items will be called.

In fact, Amazon didn’t even mention the product name at its announcement.

The new Sweeper Easy broom comes with a built-in micro-fiber cloth, which Amazon describes as “a natural cleaning product that works like a sponge.”

The company says the product cleans the carpet with “the same amount and pressure as a full-sized broom” and “does not require additional equipment to use.”

It also has a built in pressure release system, which can help clean carpets if the broom isn’t in the right position.

The brush also comes with “a cleaning surface and a gentle scrubbing surface that will make your home look cleaner and more tidy,” Amazon says.

Amazon says that the new product comes in “three different sizes, and all of them are designed to help you clean your home and clean your yard more efficiently.”

The product comes with an “auto-wash” feature that helps you avoid spills.

The sweep Easy broom also comes in two different sizes and can be used in a variety of ways.

The “large” sweep Easy will clean the carpet “like a vacuum cleaner,” while the “small” sweep will clean “like your toothbrush,” according to Amazon.

Both products are “made with an anti-bacterial and antimicrobial coating.”

The small sweep also has an “air freshener” function, according the company.

Amazon also says the brush has an auto-open feature, which “will automatically close and open with the pressure of your hand when you need to clean a specific area.”

The vacuum cleaner is the “all-in-one cleaning solution,” which can be “sold individually or bundled together in a bundle,” Amazon writes.

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