How to make your own ‘sweepers’ for lawns

How to make your own ‘sweepers’ for lawns

A couple of years ago, my neighbour started a blog post about how he made his own sweepers, and how they could be used for landscaping in the city.

 After a few posts, the blog got popular and his neighbour asked for his advice on how to make his own.

This is a great blog post because it answers a lot of questions that a lot people have about lawnsweeping.

As a DIYer myself, I had no idea how to create a lawnsweeper that I wanted to use.

Here are my tips on how I created my own DIY lawnsweeper: 1. 

Make sure the toolbox has enough tools. 

The first step is to make sure you have enough tools to use the tool for at least two purposes.

If you have just one lawn mower, it may not be enough.

For example, I did not have a mower that I could use for the first time in about two months.

You can make your first DIY lawn sweepers by having a friend buy the necessary tools.

It may take a few months for the tools to arrive, so if you don’t have access to the tools, you may have to wait a little longer.


Find the right tool.

The toolbox should have two types of tools: a small, handy tool that you can use for just one thing and a large, more useful tool for the job.

I have a very handy mower and a very large mower.

A small mower can be used to cut and shape the grass and grass clippings, and the large mow can be useful for clearing up brush and other debris.

There are also small, portable mowers that can be placed on a nearby table or bench.


Choose the right size.

Once you have all the necessary items, you need to make the selection.

When you first build your DIY lawn sweeping tools, it will probably look a bit odd.

They may be small, and it may look like they are going to be too big for your kitchen.

However, the biggest problem is that the tool boxes are really small.

With a small mow, you have a couple of tools that you need for the task.

But when you are going through the tool box, you will have to be careful with the tools.

I did find a toolbox that was bigger than my kitchen counter.


Use the tool to cut grass clumps.

Make sure that you are using a good mower for the tasks.

First, make sure that the lawnmower is able to cut the grass clump.

Don’t use a saw.

That is what most people use for this task.

If you have not got a mowed mower with a blade that can cut grass, then you are missing out.

Cut the grass with a mow and then sweep it out with a lawn mover.


Cut the weeds.

Before you start cutting the grass, make your selections.

Take a few measurements.

What is the grass height?

How many feet are there in this lawn?

What size is the turf?

What is the top of the lawn?

Do you have grass clumping?

Are there clumps of grass on the top?


If the lawn is in bloom, then cut out the weeds and leave the grass.

Leave the lawn in the sun for a few hours and cut it out and leave it to dry.


In the afternoon, lay the grass back down and wait for it to return to the normal size.

You can do this at home or at a workbench or garden shed.8. 

Do a sweep.

In the evening, lay your mower on its side.

Get the mower in the air, make a few cuts and sweep the grass again.


Now, you can start cutting grass again and this time, it is the right side of the mow that will cut the weed.


You may need to remove the mowers blades and replace them with a different mower blade. 

It is best to use a larger mower if you have large grass clapping.


Repeat the steps to make a second set of cuts. 

 It may be helpful to use your tools on both sides of the cut to keep the blades sharp.


Take a picture of the cuts.

Step 1.

Take a photo of the cutting area. 

Step 2.

Take another photo of what you did on the first cut. 

Tip: Keep the toolboxes clean and neat so that the mows blades do not fall off the mowed blades.


When you are finished cutting the first set of grass

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