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News in the World (India),Vol.

27,No. 2,April 16,1931.

p.1A man with an open neck, a loose beard and a scarlet beard, dressed in a bright red cap and red trousers, sat in the market of a small town in the middle of a field, eating some fruits and vegetables.

He was the first in the village to visit the store that was selling fresh fruit and vegetables, and he was a shopper for the entire town.

A small boy with a big nose was also eating there.

The boy asked the man why he was eating at a supermarket.

The man replied, “Because I want to buy sweets.”

The boy had come to visit his grandmother, who lived in the nearby village of Rangakonda, to buy fruit and sweets for her.

The old woman, however, had not come back.

She had gone to another village and left the boy and his grandmother alone there.

When he returned home, the boy asked his mother, “Mom, why is my grandfather not there?”

The old woman replied, He was too busy working on his house.

She said, “Why is he not at home?

If he was at home, I would be here too.”

The boy’s grandmother said, Mother, I cannot do anything because my husband is away.

She asked the boy, Why is my husband not there?

He replied, I want sweets.

The boy said, You know what, Mom, I’ll do what I want.

“Then he told his grandmother that he would buy sweets.

He left for home.

When his grandmother returned, the old woman asked, “What did he buy?”

He replied that he wanted to buy a pair of trousers, a hat and some clothes for his grandson.

The old man said, My grandson does not wear trousers.

She then asked him, “Does he want to wear them?”

He answered, “Yes, he will wear them.”

The old man then asked the grandson, “Have you forgotten your trousers?”

The grandson answered, No, I don’t need trousers.

The woman asked him again, “Can you buy shoes?”

The boy replied, Yes, I will buy shoes.

The grandmother said to the boy’s mother, I am very sorry, but you have to buy your grandson clothes, so he can wear them.

The next day the boy went to the village shop to buy some clothes.

He returned with three pairs of trousers.

The mother of the boy said to him, I have not seen your shoes, and if you were to go and buy some shoes, they would be too big for your feet.

The child said, I should buy shoes for my grandson.

The grandmother said that she will not buy shoes from me.

The little boy asked, Why are you telling me not to buy shoes?

The old mother replied, What do you want to do?

Then she said, Do not tell me, tell me what you want.

The girl asked, What about the clothes?

The little boy replied that I want the shoes, the trousers, the hat, and I want all these things.

The family then returned to Rangkonda.

The girl told the boy that she would buy all of his clothes.

The next day, the little boy went back to Rongakonda.

The mother of that boy said that the boy told her that he had bought his clothes, and that he did not need the shoes.

Then she went to her daughter’s house.

When she returned, she found her son crying.

He said, Mommy, I did not buy the shoes you said I need.

The young woman said to her, Where is the clothes you said you wanted?

The boy answered, Mom I am going to buy them.

The family returned to the house and went to buy clothes for the boy.

The following day, he went back again to the old house and the girl saw him crying.

She called the child’s mother and she told her, Dad, I told you I wanted clothes, I said I wanted shoes, I wanted everything.

The daughter said, Why didn’t you tell me?

The father replied, That is what she told me.

The child said that he was going to leave home and return to the farm and buy his own clothes.

The girls mother said to them, I know that you were going to return, and now you want clothes.

She went to ask the boy about the shoes he wanted, but the boy replied nothing.

The parents then went to their relatives’ houses to ask them to send the boy to the nearest village.

When the children went to see their relatives, they saw their mother crying and their grandmother’s house empty.

The children asked their mother what she wanted.

The father said that I did the buying.

The young women came to the scene and asked for help.

They said, Where

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